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SkyBlock renewed
5 months ago

SkyBlock is reopened. You can ONLY join with 1.14.4 version!!
We added some new permission for ranks - Auto Pickup, Auto Smelt and Auto Block
We reduced generator prices
We modified spawners
You can buy in-game money in voteshop
There is also 50% sale for SkyBlock until the end of the month
There is also Season - read more in SkyBlock

Store sale
5 months ago

There is currently 25% sale on our webstore for whole store.

Sale will end on 4.10.2019

Banner sale
5 months ago

We just got new banner for our vote sites.

You can use code "Banner", on our web store for 35% discount for FIRST 3 USERS ONLY!!

Web store: https://store.spectralismc.com

Survival reopened
6 months ago

Server survival is reopened.


  • You can stack spawners 10x
  • You can convert spawners with in-game money
  • You can boost spawners with diamonds
  • You get in-game money for beeing online - total 1500 per day
  • You can upgrade furnace to level 10 with exp, balance or by smelting items.
  • You can buy in-game money in vote shop
  • We added and removed some spawners
  • We added some new rewards in vote party
  • We removed slimefun
  • You can change spawners with spawn egg
  • Server reset

If you need any help with spawner...

SkyBlock opening
6 months ago

we are happy to announce opening of SkyBlock. 

We offer the Original Skyblock experience


  • Level up 
    • Island Border Size
    • Jump Boost
    • Crop Growth
    • Loot Drops
    • Spawner Boost
    • Cobblestone Generator
    • Furnace
  • 5 different Crates
  • Chest Shops
  • Warps
  • Kits
  • In Game rewards for beeing online


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